Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    Doctor Fleet

    Web-based, multi-platform fleet management system for battery powered vehicles

    • Remote or local access to all data points via a mobile device or stationary PC
    • Calculate and graphically represent Carbon Emission reductions based on local criteria.
    • Monitor, calculate and report energy usage and costs based on local criteria.
    • Monitor and report system warnings and fault occurrences measured against system programmable parameters.
    • Bidirectional communication facilitating remote system and charge station parameter and software upgrades.

    Collect and Analyze

    Track Individual Power Systems (vehicles and installations)

    • Data log every charge (and OPTIONAL: discharge) occurrence with all related temperature, current, voltage, date / time stamps.
    • Generate statistical data for operational and cost optimization.
    • Generate automatic warning or fault reports that can be forwarded by email to service / training managers for analysis.

    Diagnose and Identify


    • Troubleshooting guides including Warning and Error alarm tools to indicate faulty Host or System characteristics and generate service requests.
    • Troubleshooting guides including Warning and Error alarm tools to identify improper user practices.

    Intervene and Integrate

    Online intervention of system settings

    • Data Porting integration to independent ERP or MRP systems for operational and accounting processes.
    • Customer leasing and billing options
    • Operator abuse monitoring
    • Service and maintenance schedules
    • Spare parts orders


    Configuration options allow for custom capabilities that meet your needs

    • Basic Configuration
    • Extended Configuration
    • Advantage Configuration
    • Bidirectional Configuration

    Additional Products

    We are continuously developing extension products to enhance Doctor Fleet

    • Access Point Module
    • Battery ID Module
    • Auxiliary Remotes
    • Stackers for Diamond Chargers
    • Parts Support

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